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Ahhhh!! I want to share each and every image from this shoot…but that would make this entry way too long. Haha. Sophie Taylor, owner and creative behind Taylor Design Studio, is an insanely talented artist in ALL forms of the word. From semi-custom invitations suites for events, to calligraphy, to watercolor, to engraving, to wax seals, and literally anything in between. Her creativity is endless, and she has transformed her passions into a thriving business. I’m so thankful I not only got to have her be a client, but that I also get to call her friend! The sweetness of running a business is that you make so many friends in the same space. Sophie is a kindred spirit in this way for me.

Because she has a large range to her art and products, we had a LOT to cover during her shoot. I think I spent as much time doing headshots as product shot. We laughed, danced, and smiled the time away, showcasing her talents in every shot. Brand photography is such a joy for me. I get to know my clients’ story and interpret it in their images. Every aspect of every picture is thought out and communicates the brand’s message. Taylor Design Studio is refined, luxurious, custom, artful, beautiful, and special.

Sophie, I hope you die over these images like I did every time I finished a photo. This session will always stay near to my heart. Love you!

August 24, 2023

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