Bakersfield Brand Photoshoot | Charmed by Neri

Branding + Commercial

I’m so excited to share this session with all of you! I’ve known Neri for a while now, and she’s finally opening up her own decor and gift shop here in Bakersfield! I’m so impressed by her. It was an honor to be her brand photographer for her opening this last week. If you need any holiday decorations, gifts for friends/relatives, or need a fun place to shop, you have to stop by “Charmed by Neri!” Every business has a message and a feel, and brand photography enables me to run with your image! Neri is fun, energetic, creative, inspirational, and down to earth. These photos show exactly who she is! She also does custom orders–and trust me, she has the best eye! She’s living proof that if you have a dream, no matter how big, you can always go for it!

Neri, I hope you love your brand imagery!

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