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Going to a client’s home is always super special for me, but going to a client’s home in another state?? Insane. This client also happens to be one of my wonderful brothers and his wife, so I’d go any distance for that. If you were here from my early days of business, you’ll remember Cindy as my former business partner. I miss her so much, and I’m thankful they are back in California for now.

My nephew, David, was born on the same day as his sister, Jane. If you can believe it, he was also born IN A CAR! Yes. You read that right. IN. A. CAR. Cindy knew he was coming as soon as they stepped out of the house with their doula to go to her birth center, so she literally just went to her car to have sweet David. Everyone in my family was so thankful to her great doula and the emergency responders who came to make sure everything was okay. Now we all love having this wild family story to share.

Sweet David James, your family loves you so much (especially your sister!). Your constant smiles remind us of the innocence and sanctity of life. To my dear sister in law, Cindy, it was such a blessing to take these photos for you!

February 2, 2023

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