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Hart Park in Bakersfield, California is my favorite place to take my clients locally. In the fall, this is especially true. When you scroll through this blog, I know you’ll see why! The soft colors of the trees and the unbeatable sunset is one of the many reasons I adore the park at this time of year. I normally don’t photograph my clients once the sun is no longer in the sky, but I just HAD to do it for this session. On my way out of the park, I called Hannah to see if she and Mark would be willing to take a few extra photos and meet me by the entrance. I was so happy they were down to do it! The sunset that day was just gorgeous. It was a warm, peach and blue subdued display in the sky, and I was HERE FOR IT.

I’ve known Hannah for as long as I can remember. Her family has history with my family, but the short story is we went to the same church growing up. I always thought they were so fun because my parents had four boys and one girl, and their family had four girls and one boy. It was like we were destined to be friends–not to bring reformed theology into this ;). Hannah and her twin sister were two girls I looked up to so much. They exemplified beauty, grace, composure, class, and fun more than anyone else. I always wondered if one day we could be friends, and here we are years later! Life is just funny like that I suppose. Not to get too gushy, but I just adore Hannah. It was my joy and pleasure to photograph Hannah and her husband, Mark. Getting to know him during the session confirmed my suspicions about why she chose him–he’s so sweet, funny, and he has a presence of peace about him. He is a perfect compliment to Hannah.

To Hannah and Mark: thanks for being so adventurous with all of my ideas! From a small hike to the last minute sunset call after we already parted ways for the evening. It’s a blessing to have clients like you! I hope you love your previews.

  1. Bethany says:

    Gorgeous!!!! Love this!!
    Amazing job Sarah!! 💖

December 1, 2022

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