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Summerland photos in the fall, you say? Sounds perfect! I had never been to Summerland before, but my first trip was absolutely breathtaking. The cliffs and the ocean were a beautiful background for the Trovato’s family photos.

Kim is a dear friend of my mom’s, and she’s been a huge source of encouragement to me. Through my mother, Kim has been intentional to encourage my walk with the Lord. She’s just thoughtful this way. It’s wonderful to know women like her, and one day I hope I can be this type of woman. Her daughter is also friends with my sister in law. Tate kept everyone laughing the whole session and made sure to sneak in a few funny pictures. He reminded me so much of my brother, Luke! It was also sweet getting to see Joe interact with his family. Laughing with Kim, kidding around with Tate, and smiling with Abby. You can tell how much he loves his family from the way he looks at them. I also loved seeing the dynamic of their family. They were down for any idea I had–even if it was going in some random bushes by a graffiti covered freeway overpass. I appreciated that so much. Their family is what I would consider good people.

Their photos were so fun to take. Not only was the scenery beautiful, but they were not short with their smiles. You can tell they enjoy spending time together as a family. It warmed my heart to see.

I hope you all love these pictures and have a great holiday week!

November 22, 2022

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