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Ah, the first session of fall! In Bakersfield, even when fall is here, it doesn’t guarantee cold weather quite yet. To beat the heat while still seeking those dreamy sun rays, Audrey and Juan opted for a sunrise shoot for their engagement photos. In the cool of the morning, alone in Hart Park, we enjoyed every moment of their session.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of online dates gone wrong, but for Audrey and Juan, this couldn’t have been further from reality. Defying what some know to be true of online dates, they found each other through the magic of the internet. One date turned into more dates which ultimately led us to the present–their engagement!

I can see why they were attracted to one another. When you’re in the same room as them, you can just feel the chemistry. It’s like they’re two old souls, completely comfortable, just enjoying life together. When one laughs, they both laugh, and when one smiles, the other smiles. Their joy is in sync, and the people around them can’t help but be affected by this optimism they carry as a couple.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them, and thankfully, this is just the beginning! I cannot wait for their wedding day. The coming together of two people so clearly made for one another will be a pleasure to witness.

Audrey and Juan, enjoy your engagement photos! It’s hard to believe the next time I’ll be photographing you will be on your wedding day. I look forward to that sweet day with you both.

September 19, 2022

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