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While photographing couples is what I primarily photograph, senior sessions are actually some of my favorites to shoot! Senior girls, in particular, are always SO MUCH FUN. They’re full of energy, beauty, and they’re some of the most excited clients I get to work with. We celebrated Taya’s graduation in downtown Bakersfield during sunset. With fun backdrops, Taya’s bubbly personality, and her family’s support, we smiled the session away. Her whole family was there to celebrate with her which I thought was very special. Her sister held her things and touched up her makeup between photos (uhm, best sister award, anyone?), and her brother stood by helping keep the mood up. Both her parents where there as well. Usually it’s just mom, senior, and me, but I absolutely loved getting to meet the entire Brey crew. What a special memory they now have. With Taya being the Brey’s oldest child, graduating with the class of 2022, and leaving for The Master’s University soon, I’m sure it was fun getting all together for this moment.

Taya has this dynamic smile about her while having one of the best gazes I’ve ever seen. She was a joy to photograph, that’s for sure. Taya’s mom expressed how Taya is interested in pursuing a degree in biblical counseling, and as someone who has been on the receiving end of that, I know it’s a worthy thing to study. Whatever she decides on in life, she will do with confidence and grace.

Taya, I hope you have the best time during your last few months of high school. Master’s doesn’t know what a wonderful, beautiful, and smart young woman they’re about to be blessed with! It was lovely getting to know you, and I hope you and your family love these photos as much as I do!

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