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I can’t believe how quickly my pregnancy has flown by. As I’m writing this, I’m over 35 weeks pregnant. It’s so amazing to think that our baby boy will be here soon! Zach and I talk about our son every day, and even still, the words “our son” aren’t natural yet. We are so beyond excited to be parents to him.

Before Zach left for training with the National Guard this week, we woke up to catch a sunrise at Hart Park to take our maternity photos. What. A. Dream. I’ve dreamed of being a wife and mother for many years, and I was always so nervous about being pregnant. I knew pregnancy would be difficult and trying. It can be challenging to see your body take a new form/shape/size–even when it’s all for the child you’ve prayed for. Taking these photos was a special way for me to see the beauty of my pregnancy and love this time in our lives. What a dream.

Baby Barrett is so cherished, adored, loved, and everything in between already. I am currently working on finishing our nursery, cleaning our house, and prepping for a baby to be in our home. While it can be overwhelming to think about the logistics of having a baby, the excitement and anticipation of this child keep us going. We’re enjoying discussing the type of parents we want to be, and my heart has melted away these past few months seeing Zach prep for fatherhood. The special and intentional way he has cared for me during this time can make me cry a puddle of joyful tears. He has been so thoughtful, sacrificial, romantic, and kind through every change and new phase of my pregnancy.

My favorite thing hasn’t even been all the ways he has shown me he loves me, but the best part of this season has been hearing him talk about our son. Seeing his face light up during an ultrasound. Waking up in the middle of the night to him coming home from work to kiss my belly. The way he fist bumps my baby bump as if he and our son are best friends already. The fact that he has to push the button on our stuffed bear that plays Star Wars music every time he passes our nursery. All of these little joys that this child has added to Zach’s life have been incredible to witness. Baby boy, I can’t wait to see you in your daddy’s arms, kiss your sweet chubby cheeks, and watch you grow over the coming years. Whatever the Lord has in store for your life, I pray you’ll seek His will through it all and know your dad and I will be here to pray alongside you. We love you so much.

December 4, 2021

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