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Friends, it has been a while since my last blog! While I have still been regularly photographing various families and couples during my pregnancy, I have not been posting regularly to my social media pages. It feels good to be typing again. Last weekend, in the crisp, Bakersfield fall air, The Sturdevant family met me at Hart Memorial Park during sunset for family photos. What a joy it was to photograph them!

While I’ve known Laura Sturdevant and her youngest son, Ezra, for a while, this was my first time meeting her husband, James, and their oldest son, Jacob! The boys absolutely loved being outside in the open fields, and they really did a great job bringing the energy to this shoot. I had so much fun seeing them interact and explore. As I’m sure you can imagine, their family dynamic is quite fun. This is a family that really loves each other well. I always love hearing how families speak to one another, and especially being pregnant, I loved hearing the kind words from Laura and James to their sons during the shoot. I admire the way they parent, and it made the shoot even more fun for me to photograph.

To the Sturdevant family: thank you for allowing me to take your family photos this year and for sharing your stories with me! What a wonderful family you have built. I hope these images make you all smile and remind you of this part of your life for years to come.

November 22, 2021

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