Pismo Proposal | Michelle + Matt

Families, Proposals, + More

Pismo beach, a setting sun, family and friends gathered together–all the perfect things needed for a surprise proposal. Seeing the look on Michelle’s face as she descended the stairs down to the beach was absolutely priceless. She first met one of her best friends halfway down the staircase where she was greeted with flowers and smiles. As Michelle neared the beach, Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know” was getting louder. As the lyrics of the song played, and she got closer to her friends and family waiting by flowers, candles, and an arch, she could not stop laughing and smiling. At the end of the arch, Michelle and Matt’s kids were holding sweet signs and hiding a special surprise.

As the kids parted, they revealed Matt down on one knee. After a quick gasp, all I see is Michelle run into Matt’s arms. Everyone kept saying she hadn’t even said yes yet, but her embrace with Matt couldn’t wait. As she exclaimed, “yes,” everyone screamed and took turns hugging and congratulating them. I will never get tired of witnessing moments like these.

To Michelle and Matt, congratulations! It was incredible to be able to be a part of your engagement. May this be the start of the rest of your lives together!

October 11, 2021

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