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Every blog post I write is special to me, and aside from blogging my own adventures, this has to be the most fun blog post yet. MY FRIENDS ARE ENGAGED!!! I can’t wait for you to read about their truly fairytale, princess-like engagement. Seriously, we had everything from slow dancing to woodland animals!

The temperature in Kernville was perfect: a slight breeze graced the air, and it was so romantic at the park. I never would have imagined I would get to photograph one of my friends getting the proposal of her dreams. I don’t know that I’ve ever cried on my way to a shoot, during the shoot, and on the way home from a shoot, so this one was a first for me. I was tearing up with excitement with every thought.

I met Rebecca Peckfelder in high school in our women’s choir. She sang beautifully, so I of course I loved her right away. She has a way of smiling at you like she’s known you her whole life. Rebecca has always extended kindness to everyone, offered a listening ear when you needed one, and despite all of these wonderful qualities about her, we weren’t that close in high school. I would say in our senior year we became better friends, but as I got married and moved across the country and she headed to college, we didn’t stay in touch past instagram. It wasn’t until I moved back to California that we reconnected through our friend Abbi. I am SO thankful that we did this. Rebecca has been such a great friend to me through all of the changes the past year has given.

I’ll always cherish our girls’ nights at Chili’s, or our group dates with our guys, but being involved in her engagement will always be my absolute favorite memory. David is a great guy. As I’ve gotten to know him the past year, I’ve learned a few things about him. He’s definitely a man’s man. He cares about other people. He likes to have fun. And most of all, he adores Rebecca. They are an amazing couple together. Between both of their dynamic smiles and love for life and each other, they are in their own little world with one another. When David asked me to take photos of his proposal, I was so honored. He explained how he was going to set up a picnic for her in the open field, pop some champagne, and enjoy their afternoon together. Abbi drove up to Kernville with me, and we tried our best to hide ourselves behind a tree during their picnic. I texted David that I was in position, and soon after, the proposal was about to happen.

He gets out a speaker, turns on their song, and begins to slow dance with her. From my view, it looked like Rebecca was already tearing up, so I can only imagine the romantic things he was sharing. David gets down on one knee, and all I can see is a smile on her face like I’ve never seen. She was glowing. She smiled a while, gasped when the ring box was opened, and quickly had him put it on her. I definitely watched a few kisses after that. What a special moment it was for them. David really made her dream proposal a reality. Abbi and I quickly jumped out from the tree and ran over to them. It was just so fun.

Below, you’ll see quite a lot of images from their proposal and shoot afterwards. If you look closely, in a few photos there is a squirrel that joined us which we all loved so much. It really was the perfect princess moment–champagne, Prince Charming, a slow dance, and a woodland animal to join the party.

To my dear friends, I am so incredibly happy for your both. Happy engagement!

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