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Ahhhhhhh!!! I cannot believe this, but Zach and I have already been married for FOUR YEARS! Time has zipped by faster than either one of us thought. It truly does not feel like it has been four years, and yet, we have joked about how it feels like we’ve been married a lifetime. I guess marriage is funny in that way.

May 22nd, 2017, Zach and I got married under a beautiful oak tree. With a few moves across a couple of states, and our first home purchase this year, we’ve had quite memorable years together. Over the weekend, we were finally able to take some time to get away and celebrate our anniversary. We decided to go to San Diego and Oceanside with a few must stops while we were there: Boss-Play Escape Rooms, Waverider Helicopter Tours, and anniversary photos at San Diego’s Balboa Park.

We had a blast at the escape room and helicopter tour (let me know if you guys want to hear more about those because we had SO much fun!). We were only in San Diego for a few days, so we wanted to make time for our anniversary photos. Pinterest definitely sold us on the beautiful photo potential at Balboa Park–we knew we had to go there. We woke up nice and early to get there for sunrise, and the park was absolutely stunning. It was quiet, empty, and the perfect setting for romance. Zach and I truly enjoyed our morning there admiring the architecture.

I am so excited to share the images from our shoot! Between the buildings, the overcast sky, and seeing us all dressed up, I am in LOVE with these photos of us. I can’t wait to print these and hang them in our home! I am so thankful for our marriage and these photos remind that me of the sweet moments we had in San Diego. I look forward to more trips, laughs, and memories in the years ahead of us. Happy four years to my amazing husband, Zach. You are the man of my dreams.

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