Hart Park Maternity Session | Nadean + Jason

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I feel like I always start my blog posts with mentioning how special this particular shoot was…but guys, this one was extra special, so cut me some slack! Nadean is my husband Zach’s mom, and she’s expecting her second baby right now!! My mother-in-law is about to have another son. We are all so excited about this new little life that is about to come into this world. Zach and I can’t wait to meet little Jonah.

Because of how close Zach and I are with Nadean and Jason, this shoot was so special. I had to keep my voice perky and pretend I didn’t know them at the shoot so I wouldn’t just try emotional happy tears the whole time. This is a miracle baby. This is a baby that no one thought would ever come, yet the Lord has blessed us all with him! This baby is proof that the Lord answers prayers. We have prayed for this child, and he is already so loved. Jonah Backinski is about to smothered with affection.

All this to say that I really enjoyed this session. The slight breeze in the air at Hart Park here in sunny Bakersfield, California. The sun setting over the mountains. The somber moments shared between Nadean and Jason thinking of the arrival of their son. It was so sweet to be able to photograph these moments.

Nadean, you are absolutely beautiful! I hope you look at these photos and see what a lovely woman you are. I know you and Jason are going to be great parents to this little boy, and I hope you know how excited Zach and I are for you both.

  1. Nadean Bachinski says:

    I love then!!!! Thank you ❤

April 19, 2021

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