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Ahhhhh!!! The love I have for the people featured in today’s blog post is about to gush out all over the page. Daniel is one of my brothers, and his perfect family is the focus of this post. His wife Connie wanted to get maternity photos done for her second little boy since she didn’t do this with her first son, Thomas. I was obviously so excited when she asked me to take these. Of course, my nephew Peter decided he couldn’t wait for me to finish editing their session before making an early appearance a few days ago. I was going to fill this post with “I can’t wait to meet him” expressions, but instead, I get to fill this post with how great I know he is.

I am so blessed to know Connie. She is truly the definition of beauty and grace and all that a woman should be. She carries the title of mother so beautifully, and it’s no surprise that she went through labor so well for baby #2. She was texting me right before she gave birth, and then was quickly texting me afterwards about when I could meet him. She is just amazing. When I saw her for the first time after having little Peter, she just looked amazing. She had a different glow about her–it’s a joy to see her smile when she sees her sons together. I’m just so proud of who she is and so proud to call her friend, and better yet, sister.

Little Peter is already such a dear! He is so strong for a baby his age, and he makes the cutest little noises. My favorite part is seeing how his brother Tommie interacts with his baby brother, though. It warms my heart when he hugs, kisses, and rubs him. I just can’t believe I am related to such cute little people sometimes. Being an aunt is the best. I hope you all can see the love Daniel, Connie, and Tommie have for little Peter in these photos even though they hadn’t met him yet.

Connie, I hope you feel as beautiful as you are. I hope you love these images and see what I see. I hope everyday when you wake up and snuggle your sons that you have the same glow in these pictures. I can’t wait for our future park dates and swim days with these little dudes of yours. Love you so much!

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