Hart Park Family Photos | Kathy + Carlos

Families, Proposals, + More

By Sarah Barrett.

I get so excited to take photos for my clients, but when I see clients get out of their car is great outfits, I get a good kind of anxious. Kathy and Carlos definitely showed up with their family photo ready. We had plenty of sunshine, green hills, and the perfect day. I got to know Kathy and Carlos, and their son Noel, a lot during our session. Asking my clients questions is always the most fun part of the shoot for me as we would only be emailing before the shoot–and emailing is not as much fun.

My favorite things I learned about them was how they met. It’s the way they laugh and giggle as they share their story that had me hooked. Kathy said her cousin was friends with Carlos and set her up on a date with him for her high school prom. They didn’t meet until that day, and now, they’ve been together for five years and are getting married this summer. The funniest part is Kathy said she wasn’t really super enthusiastic about meeting Carlos. It’s a good things she ended up going because that decision brought her here.

To Kathy and Carlos, thank you for sharing your story with me. Thank you for laughing and having fun while I got to photograph your beautiful family. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do.

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