Bakersfield Almond Orchards | Hannah + Beckie

Families, Proposals, + More

By Sarah Barrett

Hello, friends! We are so excited to talk about Hannah and Beckie’s almond orchard session. Between the beautiful blooms with pops of green on the trees and two sisters that we’ve known for quite some time, you could say we were living the dream. Hannah and Beckie are two young women we have known for a while. We all went to the same church, and somehow, we all ended up at the same church again years later. We are so blessed to know both of them. They have a dynamic presence when they are together, but also individually.

Cindy and I smile so much looking at these photos, and we hope you all do too. I hope you see the fun we all had together. I’m not sure anyone could meet more beautiful young women, inside and out, than these two.

To Hannah and Beckie, we hope you love these photos and see the beauty in you that we see!

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