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By Sarah Barrett.

Taking family photos is already really special for Cindy and me, but the Rader’s family photos were even more special than normal. The Rader house is currently the home of a foster child. I absolutely love it when families come to us wanting to get updated family photos and also want to get some with their foster child. This child might not be biologically related to them, but this child is a huge part of their lives right now. If there is anything worth photographing and remembering–it’s this. This is a true family. Wide open arms and wide open hearts ready to give love.

With the specialness of this shoot, the dreamy sunlight coming through the trees at Riverwalk Park, and the cool, California fall temperature, Cindy and I really enjoyed this shoot.

To the Rader family: thank you for choosing us to photograph such a special time for your family. It was a real pleasure to get to know your family and see your heart. We are blessed to know you. Enjoy your images!!

December 4, 2020

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