The Columbus Estates | For Marlene.

Families, Proposals, + More

By Sarah Barrett.

This shoot was a little different than ones Cindy and I do regularly, and we really enjoyed it. We had the opportunity to go to the Columbus Estates and photograph one of the couples there and their daughter, Marlene. Fully masked on a brisk Saturday morning, the lighting was just right outside the front doors for some family portraits.

Seeing and hearing the interactions between them was so fun as Cindy and I were photographing the portraits. As we took photos of Stan, his wife would say “you better take it quick before he turns into an old man!” Everyone would laugh, and Stan would look at her as if he was looking at her for the first time. When it came time for her portraits, Stan kept saying, “you look beautiful sweetheart” as she shivered a bit form the cold. Cindy and I couldn’t have imagined laughing and smiling this much during that session. They all were so joyful and happy to have photos taken to send around to their other family members. What a joy and privilege for us to be there.

December 4, 2020

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