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By Sarah Barrett.

It brings me so much joy to be writing this blog right now. To think of all the long months that have past while the Brock family patiently waited to finally have Zion as an official member of their family almost bring me to tears. I’ve only known the Brock’s for a year, and in that year, they’ve had Zion. I know there were so many ups and downs that I’m not even aware of. Foster care has a way of doing this. I do know that they have been waiting for this adoption day for as long as I’ve known them. With this and that coming up and pushing their adoption date later and later, and then a pandemic, the Brock’s kept up their hope that they would one day get to make Zion a legal part of their family.

Cindy and I so enjoyed being able to be apart of this day. The light wasn’t perfect, and this wasn’t a typical session for us, but this is DEFINITELY the most special session we’ve ever done. These will always be some of my very favorite photos we’ve taken. These photos are an accurate representation of the love the Brock family has for Zion.

To the Brock family: thank you for allowing Cindy and me to come to the court house and witness the joy in your family when Zion became and official Brock! We had so much fun spending time with you all, and we will never forget the emotions of that great day.

November 16, 2020

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