Family Photos at Riverwalk Park | The Olivas Family

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By Sarah Barrett

Ahhhhh, you guys!! This session was an absolute DREAM. Imagine this: the sun is setting slowly behind the trees, there is a slight breeze, and all you can hear is the joyous laughter of little Samantha and Alyssa. It was the perfect night for family photos. The Olivas family is such a wonderful family. They know how to have fun together, and you can tell they all love to spend time together. The girls were about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Their smiles, twirls, and requests for this photo or that photo warmed our hearts.

One of my favorite moments during any family session is sneaking the parents away from the kids for a bit. While the girls enjoying jumping in the dirt and playing with the fall leaves on the ground, Cindy and I got to photograph the sweet giggles and love between Veronica and Gabriel. The sun was filtering its light through Veronica’s curls, and Gabriel held her close. Seeing the way they looked at each other was so special. I think couple photos of the parents will always be one of the highlights from any family session for me, but especially for their shoot.

Veronica, thank you for choosing us to take your family photos this year. I hope your family loves the images as much as Cindy and I do. I’d like to also thank you for letting Cindy and I get to know you all as it was such a blessing to us. We loved your family.

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