Talia’s Backyard First Birthday Party

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By Sarah Barrett

Talia Harman turned one recently, and the Harman’s had a beautiful birthday party for her in their backyard last weekend. Sweet little Talia made the most grand entrance to her party–she drove into the backyard in a red Mercedes. (Well, someone drove her car for her). The remote control Mercedes was definitely a guest favorite. I for one, will never forget that entrance.

The Harman’s backyard was decorated with a pink balloon arch, a sweets table, a snacks table, and a present table. The balloon arch was definitely my favorite. Talia dug into her cake on the grass surrounded by pink balloons, and it was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. She was so happy to be eating sugary icing. Talia, you are so loved by your parents. Rossely and Paul, you both are fantastic parents and are doing a great job raising Talia. She is already full of personality and the prettiest smiles. Thank you for letting Cindy and I be a part of her big day. We had so much fun taking photos for you.

  1. Isha Tharma-Nathan says:

    So beautiful!! Sweet Baby T!! 💕 I love the airy look of your photography style!

November 9, 2020

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