By Sarah Barrett

Years ago, my brothers and I attempted to gift family photos to my mom for Mother’s Day. That year, we had three weddings in our family, and needless to say, the family photos never happened amidst the planning. Three years later, Cindy and I were determined to find a way to make family photos finally happen for my mom. Although it was a challenge to find a day that worked for everyone, make sure the babies’ schedules lined up as best as we could, and find a friend who could help us take the photos (thanks, Gina!), we made it work.

I’m so happy to have these photos of my family to cherish forever. One day, I will show my future children these images. One day, I will tell them all about my wonderful brothers I got to grow up with, and the great women they chose to marry. One day, I’ll tell them about my relationship with my parents and how much grandpa and grandma love them–just like they loved me. I hope that one day, they will love these photos like I loved photos of my parents’ photos.

To my sweet mother, I’m sorry your gift was so late in arrival, but these photos have three beautiful children in them that our photos wouldn’t have had three years ago. I hope you will love these photos like I love them, and I promise to always make us all get together to take photos every few years. Thank you for being such a great mother to all of us, and now an even better grandma to your grandkids.

  1. Robin Tomlinson says:

    Pictures – the permanent capturing of a precious moment of life – have got to be one of the best presents anyone can ever receive. My heart is full of gratitude that Cindy and Sarah made this day happen! I will forever love how they captured the genuine expressions – and really, the personality – of our family. Love you two!

November 3, 2020

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