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By Sarah Barrett

The Petersons. Where to even begin. Cindy and I were SO excited when they asked us to take photos for their family! Luke Peterson was born on September 14th, which just so happens to be Cindy’s birthday! If Cindy was going to share a birthday with any of our clients, he is certainly the cutest one to share it with.

When you walk into the Peterson’s home, you feel welcome. Maybe it’s the soothing colors from the decor and furniture, or how wonderful Justine and Adam are when you enter, but Cindy and I felt so comfortable there. It was such an exciting morning for us as we were meeting little Luke Peterson for the very first time. Getting him swaddled and ready for his photos was a very sweet time. And let me tell you–Luke was THE BEST BABY. It was a pleasure to take photos of him. We joked the whole time, because even Jane, Cindy’s daughter, was much fussier than he was. He was so quiet, cute, and wiggly. He even posed with his arms behind his head for us a few times. We learned very quickly that he didn’t like to have his arms swaddled. He would wiggle those little arms free from the swaddle and put them behind or around his face. It. Was. Adorable.

When we started to photograph Justine, Adam, and Luke all together, Luke was still sweet as can be. He smiled at mom and dad and wiggled around. What a joy to see Justine and Adam snuggle with their little one. They were glowing as they looked into their little boys’ eyes–it was as if nothing else and no one else was in the room.

Justine and Adam, we are so excited to see you take on the role of parents and see who Luke becomes with your guidance. He will be strong, brave, honest, humble, sweet, and confident–just like his mom and dad. Those qualities are so present in both of you, and I know that Luke will grow up loved beyond measure by the both of you. Thank you for opening up your home to us and allowing us to meet him as a newborn. We hope you love the images as much as we do!!

October 15, 2020

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