All Smiles at Hart Park with Trevin Apodaca

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By Sarah Barrett.

Sometimes in life, you get the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, and I am so glad that Trevin and I got back in touch after high school. For some people, friendship ends after graduation, but for me, I am closer now with Trevin than we were in school together. It has been such a joy and blessing to have long conversations with her. We both share a love for photography and have husbands in the military, so I’m sure you can guess how excited I was when Trevin scheduled a shoot.

Cindy and I had so much fun on Saturday morning. Between clicks, we were chatting the morning away. We were all smiling and laughing so much, and I think the photos we took really show this emotion.

Thank you, Trevin, for letting Cindy and I take these photos for you. I know your husband will love seeing these when you send them to him! I’m so excited for you both to find out where your first duty station is! Being in the military sphere is an adventure for sure, and I know you both are prepared to be flexible with whatever life throws your way. Trevin, you were a joy to photograph, and I can’t wait to see where we are in the years to come!

September 15, 2020

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