A Famoso Hills Ranch Wedding – Naomi + Osman

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By Sarah Barrett

It was a Saturday evening. The sun was setting over the hills at the Famoso Hills Ranch as Naomi and Osman spoke their vows in front of their family and friends. It was a beautiful night.

This was the first wedding I’ve been to where the ceremony was completely in Spanish. I do not speak Spanish, but what was most compelling to me, is the emotion that can be felt purely from the expressions on peoples’ faces. Watching Naomi blush, giggle, and smile as she said her vows was so special. I could tell she was holding back tears while she said the words she had been waiting to say for some time. When it came time for Osman to say his vows he had written for Naomi, he grinned so wide. He spoke softly, and sweetly the things from his heart. As he was speaking, Naomi was still as tears came down her cheeks. There is no denying the love they have for each other. I did not need to know exactly what words were spoken because I could feel their love for one another.

Throughout the ceremony, I could tell they were talking about Christ. They also had many prayers spoken and scriptures read. I asked the groom how they met, and he said he and Naomi had met at a church in Florida, and their faith is incredibly important to them. He made it a point to discuss his Christian faith with me, so I know his beliefs were sincere.

This was the first wedding that I have photographed, and I am so thankful that I was asked to second shoot for Cheyenne Toussaint (Cheyenne Rose Photos). Thank you, Cheyenne, for letting me photograph alongside you. It was a great day sharing my love of photography with another local photographer! The images you took are absolutely lovely, and I can’t wait for Naomi and Osman to see them. I’d also like to thank you for letting me edit some of the photos I took so Cindy’s and my friends can see the images! If anyone wants to see Cheyenne’s edits, she’s already posted some to her Instagram.

I’d like to say another thank you to Naomi and Osman. You were the sweetest couple to photograph, and I know you’ll have a beautiful life together. The love you two share is something everyone hopes to find at some point in their life. Thank you for letting me witness your marriage and commitment to each other at the lovely Famoso Hills Ranch.

My last thank you is to Tawnya Walker–one of the owners of the Famoso Hills Ranch. This venue is absolutely breathtaking. Not only is the venue the perfect place for a wedding, but it’s also a lovely airbnb! After your wedding celebration, it’s the perfect place to stay the night. Tawnya is so sweet–everyone who’s had the pleasure of meeting her knows how welcoming and kind she is.

  1. Tawnya Walker says:

    It was such an honor to host Osman and Naomi’s intimate family wedding! You and Cheyenne did an amazing job capturing breathtaking photos of their special day!!

July 20, 2020

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