Sweethearts + Graduates at UC Irvine

Families, Proposals, + More

by Sarah Barrett

For those of you who don’t know, Luke is my brother, and Gaby is my soon-to-be sister-in-law. They make quite a striking couple and are incredibly fun to be around (although, there’s definite bias in that statement).

Luke and Gaby met when they were both a part of the New America Singers group back in high school. If you’re unfamiliar with NAS, it’s a Christian singing group that performs songs and choreography around the world with an emphasis on evangelism. Luke and Gaby have been to several countries together with NAS including Australia and China!

During their weeks abroad, Luke expressed interest in Gaby in his usual funny manner. Gaby, knowing that Luke can range from very serious to a comedian, confronted him one day to see if he truly was interested in a relationship. Luke denied such a claim, but when the summer was over, he let her know that he was in fact interested–he just didn’t want to distract her during their tour (I have a feeling that Luke was still distracting).

Many texts and drives to visit each other later, they began seeing each other after high school. Luke let Gaby know that he would go to college wherever Gaby went, and they decided they would both attend UC Irvine together. During their freshman year at UC Irvine, Luke bought a ring with big plans for his future with Gaby. Luke held onto the ring for the perfect moment and finally asked Gaby to marry him during their senior year.

Many tears, laughs, dates, stress induced headaches, and time later, they’re finally graduating together–both with degrees in Biology. It has been a very packed year for both of them, and I know how excited they are to be graduates. It was so special to get to take their graduation pictures at their campus. Walking around their school hearing stories of where they would eat lunch together, which classes were the hardest, and the political hot spots on campus was a day I will never forget.

Luke and Gaby, thank you for being great friends through your years at college. Thank you for the phone calls, laughs, and your listening ears. But most of all, thank you for being true examples of Christ in this trying world. And Luke, you certainly found a wonderful life companion. Gaby exudes class and grace, yet she also has this incredible humor we both know you need in a wife and friend. It’s been a blessing getting to know her over the years, and I’m thankful for her friendship. She is a real treasure.

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