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Friends! We are SO excited to share Laney and Joseph’s maternity session with all of you! Laney and Joseph might just be the sweetest couple we’ve ever met, and if you’ve ever had the privilege of knowing the Cooneys, I think you would agree.

Laney has this contagious smile about her–she makes every moment feel like a moment to be grateful for. And when she’s with Joseph, oh man–he brings out the very best Laney smiles and giggles. It’s clear why they are together because they bring out the best in one another.

Laney and Joseph met at a Campus Crusade bible study at the University of California, Berkeley. They dated for two and a half years before they got married, and here they are, expecting their first little one years later. We asked Joseph what he found most compelling about Laney, and his response, besides the obvious attraction to her, was his admiration for her maturity. She seemed to always be the most mature and knowledgeable in the room, and he loved that.

Although we’ve only known Laney and Joseph for a matter of months, when we’re around them, it feels like we’ve known them forever. They are so kind and intentional with their words, it’s hard not to feel like instant friends with them. We know that they are going to be great parents to their sweet little girl, and we can’t wait to meet her.

Laney and Joseph, thank you for sharing your story and letting us be a part of this special time in your lives!

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